Penny post

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a post carrying a letter for a penny; also, a mail carrier.

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One July day she came in with her hands full, and went about the house leaving letters and parcels like the penny post.
1840: Sir Rowland Hill introduced the Penny Post - 112,000 letters were posted in London on the first day.
A boom in housebuilding, improvements in sanitation and the provision of piped water, the greater use of ink with the introduction of the penny post in 1839 and the easier transportation of aerated drinks and potted food boosted the need for their products in a relatively short period of time.
Penny Post Credit Union, based in Sun Street, Wolverhampton, received the rating from the Fairbanking Foundation for its loans.
The increase in adult literacy, the age of steam and the resulting boom in tourism, together with Rowland Hill's Uniform Penny Post, introduced in 1840, saw a generation adopt the postcard as the perfect medium, although this country was somewhat late in doing so.
Valentine's Day as we know it now started with the penny post. This made sending cards affordable and allowed potential suitors to be anonymous.
Unusual and interesting are stationery shop Penny Post ( as well as the fascinating Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Museum (
The Post Office itself, meanwhile, was about to undergo the greatest expansion in its history as a result of the reforms proposed by the campaigner Rowland Hill, the most significant of which was the introduction of the Uniform Penny Post in January 1840.
Apparently, the image of the family drinking wine together proved controversial, but Henry Cole's idea was shrewd because he had helped to introduce the Penny Post three years earlier.
The cards were commissioned by Sir Henry Cole, who just three years earlier had played a key role in helping introducing Royal Mail's Penny Post service.
Three articles in the Goulburn Evening Penny Post from mid-1873 record the move of the Currans to Boorowa (originally spelled, Burrowa).
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