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Noun1.penny stock - a stock selling for less that $1/sharepenny stock - a stock selling for less that $1/share
OTC stock, over the counter stock, unlisted stock - stock that is not listed and traded on an organized exchange
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Penny Stocks are the only investments that can give a quick return of 100-1000%.
These include stocks with huge volume, penny stocks that are moving to the upside quickly, and companies with news out to put on your penny stock list.
Leeds regards only 5% of penny stocks as having real investment potential, and from this group selects only two per week for recommendation.
com is focused on finding emerging growth penny stocks that do not necessarily have widespread analyst coverage on Wall Street.
The Simulator contender also explained that, in addition to a couple of penny stocks, Apple (Nasdaq:AAPL) has been a solid bullish pick.
MANY penny stocks posted price depreciation on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) for the month of February, with Consolidated Hallmark emerging the worst performing stock in percentage terms.
He agreed to settle the charges and be barred from trading in penny stocks for the rest of his life.
The Securities and Exchange Commission brought fraud charges against 13 individuals allegedly involved in two Long Island-based cold calling scams that bilked more than 100 victims out of more than $10 million through high-pressure sales tactics and lies about penny stocks, the regulatory agency said on Wednesday.
The trio was able to push the price of the penny stocks as high as 1,800 percent.
About a year and a half ago, I was in a difficult situation and decided to invest in two penny stocks hyped in an unsolicited email.