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 (pĕn′tĭ-kŏs′təl, -kô′stəl)
1. Of, relating to, or occurring at Pentecost.
2. Of, relating to, or being any of various Christian religious congregations whose members seek to be filled with the Holy Spirit, in emulation of the Apostles at Pentecost.
A member of a Pentecostal congregation.

Pen′te·cos′tal·ism n.
Pen′te·cos′tal·ist adj. & n.


the beliefs and practices of certain Christian groups, often fundamentalist, that emphasize the activity of the Holy Spirit, stress a strict morality, and seek emotional spiritual experiences in worship rituals. — Pentecostal, n., adj.
See also: Protestantism
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Noun1.pentecostalism - the principles and practices of Pentecostal religious groups; characterized by religious excitement and talking in tongues
Protestantism - the theological system of any of the churches of western Christendom that separated from the Roman Catholic Church during the Reformation


[ˌpentɪˈkɒstlɪzəm] Npentecostalismo m
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Tenders are invited for plan 2017 18, munnar grama panchayath dws near pentacostal church, ward-19.
The book covers the historical background of the Pentacostal movement in Argentina, the theoretical framework for his study, the shift from negative to a positive dualism in the religion of the populace, and a great many other related subjects.
I asked Diane Glancy, a Cherokee writer who is also a Pentacostal Christian, if she thought I could learn anything by going to ancestral places, without knowing the local language or having access to much archival material.
47 Education (a) (%) High School 8 1 Year of College 17 2 Years of College 23 3 Years of College 19 4 Years of College 32 Gender (b) (%) Female 76 Male 24 Marital Status (a) (%) Single 65 Married 29 Separated 1 Divorced 4 Ethnicity (%) African American 9 Asian American 5 European American 53 Hispanic 24 Native American 1 Other 8 First Language (a) (%) English 79 Spanish 13 Other 5 Denominational Affiliation (a) (%) Baptist 14 Catholic 12 Church of Christ 1 Methodist 1 Nazarene 1 Non-Denominational 63 None 4 Orthodox 1 Pentacostal 1 Presbyterian 1 Seventh-Day Adventist 2 Church Attendance (Years) (c) (M/SD) 8.
Critique: "Flourishing Churches and Communities: A Pentecostal Primer on Faith, Work, and Economics for Spirit-Empowered Discipleship" is as informed and informative, as it is inspired and inspiring, creating a truly exceptional and very highly recommended addition to personal, seminary, and academic library Christian Studies reference collections in general, and Pentacostal Christian Studies supplemental reading lists in particular.
His late mother sends rays of Pentacostal Hallalujahs to her son as she looks up from her Rococo piano.
As a child both she and her mother were thrown out of their Pentacostal church when her mother came out as a lesbian.
Churches involved in the festival held in Heaton Park are St George's United Reformed Church in High Heaton, St Silas Anglican Church in Byker, Heaton Baptist Church, Elim Pentacostal, Heaton Methodist Church, St Cuthbert's United Reformed Church, St Gabriels' C of E and St Teresa's Roman Catholic Church.
He was also not infrequent at the Pentacostal church, though he originally belonged to the Orthodox Church.
DELIGHTED: Reverend Helen Smallwood LIVING IT UP: Members of the Elim Pentacostal Church (main picture and inset) Duncan Clark (King), Miriam Roberts (Mary), Stuart Austin (Joseph) and Joanna Donald (Sheperd)