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Noun1.Pentagon Gang - a Filipino terrorist group that broke away from the Moro Islamic Liberation Front in 2001 in order to continue terrorism and kidnapping and extortion
act of terrorism, terrorism, terrorist act - the calculated use of violence (or the threat of violence) against civilians in order to attain goals that are political or religious or ideological in nature; this is done through intimidation or coercion or instilling fear
Philippines, Republic of the Philippines - a republic on the Philippine Islands; achieved independence from the United States in 1946
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Groups linked to the Pentagon Gang have been suspected to be behind bomb attacks on buses owned by firms that refuse to pay protection money.
Aside from kidnap-for-ransom, the Pentagon Gang was also reportedly engaged in extortion.
Generoso Senga, armed forces southern command chief, told reporters he ordered the assault on the Pentagon gang, whose members were seeking refuge at the southern part of the Liguasan marsh in the vicinity of Midpakan village in southern Maguindanao Province.
Incoming national police chief Hermogenes Ebdane admitted Wednesday that Faisal Marohomsar, alleged leader of the Pentagon gang, escaped along with Abdul Macaumpang and Rolando Patino.
But previous kidnappings cases here and in Central Mindanao region had been pinned on the so-called Pentagon Gang, which has links with the Abu Sayyaf.
COTABATO CITY -- A group of gunmen, believed to be members of the Pentagon Gang and based in Maguindanao, is holding at least four persons captive, including an architect, after snatching them in the town of Shariff Aguak in Maguindanao province on March 29.
The evacuees started leaving their homes Monday after at least 1,000 soldiers positioned themselves in Pikit town in North Cotabato to hunt down a similar number of MILF rebels who are allegedly coddling kidnappers from the Pentagon Gang, a group tagged as terrorists by the United States.
As of Sunday, authorities had not identified any group behind the kidnapping but previous abductions here and in Central Mindanao were pinned on the so-called Pentagon Gang, which has links with the Abu Sayyaf.
Regional Police Chief Bartolome Baluyot said authorities arrested Ismael Binago, suspected deputy leader of the Abu Sofia group of the Pentagon gang, in a raid on the group's hideout in the southern Philippine port city of General Santos.
In past kidnappings here, authorities had always identified the Pentagon gang as the responsible group.