valeric acid

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va·le·ric acid

 (və-lîr′ĭk, -lĕr′-)
A colorless liquid, C5H10O2, used in flavorings, perfumes, plasticizers, and pharmaceuticals.

[valer(ian) (from its occurrence in the plant's root) + -ic.]

valeric acid

(Elements & Compounds) another name for pentanoic acid

va•ler′ic ac′id

(vəˈlɛr ɪk, -ˈlɪər-)
any of several isomeric organic acids having the formula C5H10O2, the common one being a liquid of pungent odor obtained from valerian roots: used chiefly as an intermediate in perfumery.
[1855–60; valer(ian) + -ic]
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Noun1.valeric acid - a clear liquid carboxylic acid used in perfumes and drugs
carboxylic acid - an organic acid characterized by one or more carboxyl groups
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Only esters butyl acetate and 2-ethyl hexanoate were not identified in HS-SPME; however, benzyl acetate, ethyl 3-octenoate, hexyl pentanoate, 1-pentyl-2-propenyl butanoate, 4-oxocyclohexyl acetate, and ethyl decanoate ethyl cinnamate were not identified in the S-HSprocedure.
The concentrations of halide ions, organic anions (such as Formate, Acetate, Butyrate, Pentanoate, and Hexanoate) and inorganic anions (such as Nitrate, Sulfate, Carbonate, and Bicarbonate) were obtained by calibrating the ion chromatograph with standard solutions so that the peak areas are proportional to the standard anion concentrations.