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Noun1.Pentastomida - tongue worms
Arthropoda, phylum Arthropoda - jointed-foot invertebrates: arachnids; crustaceans; insects; millipedes; centipedes
pentastomid, tongue worm - wormlike arthropod having two pairs of hooks at the sides of the mouth; parasitic in nasal sinuses of mammals
phylum - (biology) the major taxonomic group of animals and plants; contains classes
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arajara was also identified as host Pentastomida Raillietiella mottae with a low prevalence (1.6%) (Ribeiro et al., 2012a) in the same area where we found the infected specimen of A.
The Pentastomida are a peculiar group of gonochoric, vermiform endoparasites, currently classified as a unique phylum, related to branchiuran crustaceans (3).
Linguatulosis caused by Linguatula serrata (Pentastomida: Linguatulidae) which is entitled "tong-worm" is a cosmopolitan, zoonotic infection (Sadeghi-Dehkordi et al., 2014; Yazdani et al., 2014).
Entre los 129 capitulos que versan sobre la sistematica de Arthropoda, tres se refieren a taxones afines al grupo de artropodos: "Pentastomida", "Onychophora" y "Tardigrada"; en tanto que 126 resenan los taxones caracteristicos de Arthropoda, asi los grupos de Chelicerata se incluyen en 14 capitulos relativos a "Xiphosura", "Pycnogonida", "Palpigradi", "Schizomida", "Uropygi", "Amblypygi", "Solifugae", "Ricinulei", "Araneae" "Scorpiones", "Pseudoscorpionida", "Opiliones", "Acari" y "Oribatei (Acari)"; y en cuatro capitulos de Myriapoda se discuten "Symphyla", "Pauropoda", "Geophilomorpha" y "Diplopoda".
The most commonly reported species involved in Linguatulosis is Linguatula serrata (family Linguatulidae, order Porocephalida, and phylum Pentastomida), which is commonly classified between annelids and arthropods [2].
Pentastomida is a group of broadly distributed endoparasites that feed on the blood and other tissues of hosts and seriously affect the respiratory tract of reptiles (venomous and constricting snakes, lizards, crocodilians, piscivorous chelonians) in tropical and subtropical regions (Almeida and Christoffersen, 1999; Pare, 2008).
Identificacion de Porocephalus stilessi (Pentastomida) en la serpiente peruana Lachesis muta.
Pentastomes (Pentastomida, Armillifer armillatus Wyman, 1848) in snakes from Zambia.
and Oxyuris sp.; one of Cestoda, Oochoristica agamae; one of Trematoda, Mesocoelium monas; and one of Pentastomida, Raillietiella sp.
Kiricephalus coarctatus (Pentastomida, tongue worm) is known to utilize snakes as both second intermediate and definitive hosts throughout Central and North America (Riley & Self 1980).