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n.1.See Pantile.
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The PenTile RGBG display on the OnePlus 5 treads on the borderline of adequate sharpness needed for a 5.
The 1440p Super AMOLED on the Galaxy S7, by comparison, looks pristine even though it too has PenTile subpixels.
He said that Samsung is trying to confuse things by saying that resolution is lower and, at the same time, they are using diamond PenTile matrix structures in their AMOLED (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) smartphones.
This unconventional arrangement is closer to PenTile matrix family than the baseline RGB stripe matrix.
8V 667Mbps DDR2 main memory, and offering up to a 50 percent power savings using Pentile LCD screens for cell phones.
Sub-pixel rendering such as Clairvoyante's PenTile RGBW technology, can enable a 50 percent power reduction for VGA displays, saving up to 250 mW of power, or 100 mW in a qVGA display which is very appealing in today's mobile environment.
The AMOLED display is expected to be an RGB sub-pixel layout and not PenTile AMOLED, covering 96 percent of the AdobeRGB colour space.
com/news/Early-Samsung-Galaxy-Alpha-display-tests-improved-more-accurate-AMOLED-screen_id59303) PenTile pixel grouping.
Figure 1 illustrates the advantages and drawbacks of conventional RGB patterning and of various four-color techniques, including checkerboard (CB) patterning, two-color rendering (2CR), four-color rendering (4CR) and the PenTile technology of Clairvoyante (Sebastopol, CA).
The Galaxy X is tipped to sport a 4K resolution display with a diamond PenTile subpixel arrangement, while the remaining four devices might come with a 2.
GSM Arena has reported Samsung may include a PenTile Super AMOLED technology to S5.