People's Charter

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the document which embodied the demands made by the Chartists, so called, upon the English government in 1838.

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The Chartist movement's People's Charter called for reforms which included the vote for men of 21 and over and a secret ballot.
"Examples include the Aberdeenshire Children and Young People's Charter; the award-winning Peterdeen initiative, as well as a variety of discussion forums.
It took its name from the People's Charter of 1838, which aimed to make elections fairer and remove the barriers to ordinary working men voting and being able to stand for election as an MP.
Welshmen like Morgan Williams and Matthew John, advocates of people's rights, would be perturbed by the threat to the democracy they embodied in the People's Charter. Who would argue if Wales beat New Zealand by one point in the forthcoming rugby World Cup Final?
IRONTOWN The new song Irontown tells the story of the Chartist uprising of November 4 1839 when iron workers and coal miners from the valley towns of south Wales marched into Newport in support of the People's Charter. A charter which called for universal suffrage, secret ballot, a salary for MPs, giving those who did not own property the right to vote.
PEOPLE's charter is to create a platform that will provide networking and mentorship opportunities, and enhance business opportunities for business leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals of Pakistani heritage.
PEOPLE's charter is aimed at creating a platform that will provide and enhance networking, mentorship and business opportunities for professionals.
The absence of an intellectual arm of NJAC in 1970, which Best could have filled, allowed Williams to press his own intellectual reset button to advance (as the title of Chapter 7 puts it)"The Chaguaramas Declaration: The People's Charter Revised" by November 1970, which gave him a new philosophical space that NJAC had failed to fill.
Call it a treatise, a people's charter or simply a means by which to level that wobbly kitchen table, but here is my mini manifesto to make the game great again.
The framers of the constitution may consider and address their minds to the constitutional suggestions given in this article, namely to provide a people's charter, with the view of taking the country and the people into the next millennium.
The majority of them possess the typical apparatus of utopian fiction--a voyage, the discovery of the ideal society, the guide who explains everything--but in the service of a reformist agenda straight out of the 1780s, or, in some instances, of one looking forward to the People's Charter. The assumption in these works is that reforms in political institutions will solve all of Britain's problems.
There is a worldwide movement online to nurture love and end all violence by signing The People's Charter to Create a Non-violent World.

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