People's bank

Peo´ple's bank

1.A form of coöperative bank, such as those of Germany; - a term loosely used for various forms of coöperative financial institutions.
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People's Bank of Commerce (OTC: PBCO) and Capital Associates, operating as Steelhead Finance (Steelhead), have jointly said that People's Bank will acquire Steelhead in a cash and stock transaction, according to a report by the BBR.
People's Bank of Commerce (OTCBB:PBCO) and Capital Associates Inc, doing business as Steelhead Finance (Steelhead), reported on Saturday that it was acquired by People's Bank in a cash and stock transaction.
People's Bank of Commerce (OTCBB: PBCO) and Capital Associates, Inc.
28 August 2017 - Oregon, US-based People's Bank of Commerce (OTCBB: PBCO) has acquired Oregon-based financial factoring company Steelhead Finance to include revenue from commercial and consumer lending activities, the company said.
People's Bank has been proactive in joining the Swashakthi Loan program launched by the Ministry of National Policies and Economic Affairs and Sri Lanka's Central Bank, disbursing loans through its vast branch network of over 730 branches across the island.
5 -- Commemorating 69th National Independence Day, the head office and all People's Bank branches organized Independence Day celebrations island wide.
That fixed peg, which had been in place since 1996, was cancelled abruptly in late July, though the new system adopted by Chinese leaders is far from free-floating But the announcement by the People's Bank of China was accompanied by a slight increase in the yuan's value and a pledge to "move into a managed floating exchange rate regime based on market supply and demand with reference to a basket of currencies.
Liberty Bank of Arkansas, Wallace Fowler's fast-growing Jonesboro-based bank, plans to acquire People's Bank of Paragould in the first quarter of 2004, People's Bank President David Ault said last week.
FBI officials said Altounian submitted federal tax returns to People's Bank in 1997 showing he had earned $162,000 in 1994 and $131,000 in 1995.
e-Business infrastructure provider, has announced that the People's Bank of China (PBOC) has selected Sybase's database and application development tools for its China National Advanced Payment System (CNAPS).
People's Bank is getting together with the Vegetarian Society to cook up a new credit card.
People's Bank has recently leased its historic bank hall to Robert Miafiore, owner of Roberto's.
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