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Pe·or·i·a 1

n. pl. Peoria or Pe·or·i·as
A member of a Native American people forming part of the Illinois confederacy.

Pe·or·i·a 2

A city of northwest-central Illinois on the Illinois River north of Springfield. The site of an early French fort, it grew in the 1800s as a transportation and industrial center.
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"Sold that watercolour of the obelisk to a man from Peoria," he announced overwhelmingly.
"Don't joke with me," said Delia, "not from Peoria!"
"Did I?" said Joe; "just ask the man from Peoria. He got his depot to-day, and he isn't sure but he thinks he wants another parkscape and a view on the Hudson.
And if I hadn't got the work you mightn't have sold your sketches to that man from Peoria.