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(ˈpɛp ɪn)

( “the Short” ) died A.D. 768, king of the Franks 751–768 (father of Charlemagne).
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Noun1.Pepin - king of the Franks and father of Charlemagne who defended papal interests and founded the Carolingian dynasty in 751 (714-768)
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In twenty horses for saddle and draught, which I have particularly at my chateau of Pierrefonds, and which are called - Bayard, Roland, Charlemagne, Pepin, Dunois, La Hire, Ogier, Samson, Milo, Nimrod, Urganda, Armida, Flastrade, Dalilah, Rebecca, Yolande, Finette, Grisette, Lisette, and Musette.
And if truth to life is the main thing the drama should keep in view, how is it possible for any average understanding to be satisfied when the action is supposed to pass in the time of King Pepin or Charlemagne, and the principal personage in it they represent to be the Emperor Heraclius who entered Jerusalem with the cross and won the Holy Sepulchre, like Godfrey of Bouillon, there being years innumerable between the one and the other?
They set out, passing over the Pont Neuf; they pursued their way along the quay then called L'Abreuvoir Pepin, and went along by the walls of the Grand Chatelet.
id=8920709) Shiloh Pepin , an American girl from Maine, was born with Mermaid Syndrome in August 1999.
Last year around this time, legendary chef Jacques Pepin dropped by the Rachael Ray TV show to help prepare some traditional holiday a fare.
Now, with A Grandfather's Lessons: In the Kitchen with Shorey (Rux Martin, $30, 208 pages, ISBN 9780544824393), it's time for us to meet the next generation in the Pepin clan and share in the master chef's essential kitchen wisdom alongside his 12-year-old granddaughter, Shorey.
MADRID -- An intramuscular inactivated quadrivalent influenza vaccine reduced the risk of laboratory-confirmed influenza by up to 69% in previously unvaccinated children aged 6-35 months in a large randomized trial, Stephanie Pepin, MD, reported at the annual meeting of the European Society for Paediatric Infectious Diseases.
After years of expansion, and with various locations throughout town, it was time to streamline the operations, said CEO Luc Pepin, who runs the company with his brother, Denis.
Heart & Soul in the Kitchen offers another Jacques Pepin cookbook from a popular chef who has a new TV show of the same name.
com)-- Absolute is honored for their work on the Pepin Academies Website Redesign.
As in Julia Child and Jacques Pepin, two of the most prominent and charismatic culinary figures in American cookery, to borrow a term from the lexicon of Child, the legendary cookbook author and public television mainstay.