Pepin III

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Noun1.Pepin III - king of the Franks and father of Charlemagne who defended papal interests and founded the Carolingian dynasty in 751 (714-768)
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Pepin III, king of the Frankish realm, died in 768 and was succeeded by his sons, the elder of whom was Charles (742-814).
Became king of the Lombards (749); conquered the nominally Byzantine Exarchate of Ravenna (751); next directed his energies toward the conquest of Rome, and by 753 was threatening the city itself; was defeated at the battle of Mount Cenis (754) by a Frankish army under Pepin III the Short, sent to rescue Pope Stephen II and Rome; was besieged in Pavia; made peace with Pepin and promised to restore the conquered lands, but resumed his aggressions as soon as Pepin left, and besieged Rome (January-April 756); besieged again in Pavia when Pepin led another army into Italy, he was forced to pay tribute and to hand his conquests over to Pepin, who gave them to Pope Stephen II; died shortly after (January 757?).
The CAROLINGIANS Pepin III (the Short) 751- 768 Charlemagne 768- 814 Louis I (the Pious) 814- 840 Charles II (the Bald) 840- 877 Louis II 877- 879 Louis III 879- 882 Carloman 882- 884 Charles III (the Fat) 884- 887 Eudes (Odo) 888- 989 Charles IV (the Simple) 898- 922 Robert I 922- 923 Rudolf 923- 936 Louis IV 936- 954 Lothair 954- 986 Louis V 986- 987 THE CAPETS Hugh Capet 987- 996 Robert II 996-1031 Henry I 1031-1060 Philip I 1060-1108 Louis VI 1108-1137 Louis VII 1137-1180 Philip II (Augustus) 1180-1223 Louis VIII 1223-1226 Louis IX (St.