n.1.(Bot.) A genus of plants including water purslane.
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Banfi, New Cerebroside from Euphorbia peplis, Antimicrobial Activity Evaluation.
Decodon tiffneyi is the second oldest known fossil occurrence of the Lythraceae, after the recent discovery of Lythrum/ Peplis pollen in the early Campanian (82-81 Ma) Eagle Formation of northwestern Wyoming, USA (Grimsson et al.
The relationship of Lythrum to Peplis is somewhat unsettled.
7 Ma older than the New World early Campanian pollen of Lythrum/ Peplis (Grimsson et al.
And ferthirmore sche seith, "that for her synful and gileful lyuyng the comoun peplis hertis schulden falle awey fro hem, and thei schulden falle and ceese and that her ordre schulde be alto broke for her bigilingis, and her wickidnessis.
Rivas-Martinez, Costa & Loidi 1992 (1-5) (Euphorbion peplis, Euphorbietalia pepli, Cakiletea maritimae) Eryngio-Sporoboletum virginici Gehu & Uslu 1989 (6-14) (Agropyrion juncei, Ammophiletalia, Ammophiletea) Plot size ([m.
In all of his works, when writing about his own use of the vernacular, English becomes the ungendered (and thus implicitly "universally" masculine) "comoun peplis langage.
be not to be leernyd of lay men in her modir langage, y wole al redy suffre and obeie that thilke porcioun be left out of this book whanne this book is to be writun in the comoun peplis langage.
It was the cold, reasoned statement of them in the `comoun peplis langage' that so stirred the indignation of Pecock's peers" (Folewer, xxii, n.
Late Cretaceous Peplis pollen is known from Russia.
The oldest known fossils of the Lythraceae are pollen grains of Lythrum elkensis and Peplis eaglensis from the early Campanian (82-81 Ma) Eagle Formation, Wyoming, USA (Grimsson et al.
Synecology and structure: on the sandy heaps mixed with organic matters of remains of seaweeds and sea phanerogamae deposited by wave motion, fragmentary populations of psammophylous vegetation composed by few pioneer terophytes with succulent habitus are located, among them Cakile maritima, Euphorbia peplis, Euphorbia paralias, Salsola kali.