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A trademark for a preparation of bismuth subsalicylate.
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Taking Pepto Bismol, a bismuth medication, can cause stool to look almost black.
I've brought three litres of Pepto Bismol with me, just in case, but I put myself in a pretty dicey situation ordering the 'safe' option of a chicken noodle soup.
He went with a pastel theme, as he sported Pepto pink and Tiffany blue polishes.
Private label PPIs are driving growth in heartburn, along with Pepto Bismol in antacids, and TUMS.
| Pepto pink - the garish colour of the American indigestion medicine is supposed to be the colour of the season and is about to be popping up everywhere.
So I harkened back to the Pepto Bismol-coated tips above and found that in many ways this industry has been preparing for this moment since the release of the national broadband plan in 2010.
Because the color pink was found in a study to make patients more likely to take the medicine and affected them on a psychological level, the court ruled that Pepto's competitors needed to use that color in order to compete effectively."
Enjoy one during a game or as a substitute for dinner and you'll definitely want to follow it withthe fantastic Pepto Bismopolitan (!
--Joe Johnson, executive creative director, Publicis, NY (select clients include: Vicks, Pepto, Champion, Nestle, and Ferrero Rocher)
Hangovers were the common thread, so Pepto started the "Celebrating Life" campaign that let people know that drinking pink before drinking pints could help avoid hangovers.
(2) We describe a case of encephalopathy associated with prolonged use of Pepto Bismuth.
you left the gas on at home, the Pepto hasn't worked, or you've gotten word the dog is sick and you have a white rug).