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A trademark for a preparation of bismuth subsalicylate.
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Taking Pepto Bismol, a bismuth medication, can cause stool to look almost black.
I've brought three litres of Pepto Bismol with me, just in case, but I put myself in a pretty dicey situation ordering the 'safe' option of a chicken noodle soup.
She painted his dressing room "Pepto Bismol pink" and left a stuffed unicorn as her stamp.
The digestives business is also characterized by a number of iconic brands that have acquired formidable consumer equity over many decades--brands such as Tums, Alka Seltzer, Pepto Bismol and Phillips Milk of Magnesia.
The legislation gives the Oregon Liquor Control Commission the authority to set rules for exclusions, decreasing the likelihood that bottled products ranging from vinegar to Pepto Bismol would inadvertently be covered by the bottle bill.
Paging TMZ, which had the story on its website before you could say Pepto Bismol.
The record is six songs of punk filtered through a '60s lens colored pink with Pepto Bismol and dripping of the meds your mom left in the medicine cabinet...
The camp kitchen repulses him (there was an unfortunate hog chili episode), and now he chases every meal with panicked swigs of Pepto Bismol. He brings shower sandals and a personal bar of soap.
Pink lips, pink nails and pink, er, Pepto Bismol? We decided it was best not to ask.
The morning after a release, thousands of eggs--some fertilized, some not--sit like Pepto Bismol on the water's surface.
I think even their most admiring female fans must have found themselves reaching for the Pepto Bismol at least once.