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A trademark for a preparation of bismuth subsalicylate.
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The digestives business is also characterized by a number of iconic brands that have acquired formidable consumer equity over many decades--brands such as Tums, Alka Seltzer, Pepto Bismol and Phillips Milk of Magnesia.
The record is six songs of punk filtered through a '60s lens colored pink with Pepto Bismol and dripping of the meds your mom left in the medicine cabinet.
La sustancia activa del Pepto Bismol es el salicilato de bismuto.
The morning after a release, thousands of eggs--some fertilized, some not--sit like Pepto Bismol on the water's surface.
I think even their most admiring female fans must have found themselves reaching for the Pepto Bismol at least once.
Pepto Bismol, Melox, Control, Imodium --productos para males gastricos-- por 32 mil pesos: mucha agrura y diarrea provocan ciertos discursos.
Theoretically, even the blocks and heads could be machined on the same equipment, though the thought of adding this complexity might keep your manufacturing people up all night chugging Pepto Bismol.
pasenle todos a mi pelicula sobre migracion), ni siquiera que un chiste recurrente dependa de un frasco de Pepto Bismol.
For a 10-kg toddler, 3 ounces of extra strength Pepto Bismol is toxic, and 9 ounces is lethal.
Algo han de tener de cierto los rumores, ya que fue confiscado un cargamento de Pepto Bismol con destino a un lugar inhospito en las montanas de Afganistan.
Nonprescription items that you may consider taking include aspirin or Tylenol for pain or fever, an antacid in case you should develop heartburn, an antibacterial ointment for minor skin abrasions or infections, sunburn remedies, and an antidiarrheal such as Imodium or Pepto Bismol.
In his 1996 show in Seoul he used Pepto Bismol mixed with toilet paper as a sculptural material to produce full-size versions of several icons from Western sculpture, including Rodin's Thinker.