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Any of various water-soluble protein derivatives formed by partial hydrolysis or digestion of proteins by an acid or enzyme, used in culture media in bacteriology.

[German Pepton, from Greek peptos, digested, from peptein, to digest; see pekw- in Indo-European roots.]

pep·ton′ic (-tŏn′ĭk) adj.
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(Biochemistry) biochem any of a group of compounds that form an intermediary group in the digestion of proteins to amino acids. See also proteose
[C19: from German Pepton, from Greek pepton something digested, from peptein to digest]
peptonic adj
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(ˈpɛp toʊn)

any of a class of diffusible, soluble substances into which proteins are converted by partial hydrolysis.
[1855–60; < German Pepton < Greek peptón, neuter of peptós cooked, digested, v. adj. of péptein]
pep•ton′ic (-ˈtɒn ɪk) adj.
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Noun1.peptone - any of various water-soluble compounds that form by hydrolysis in the digestion of proteins to amino acids
organic compound - any compound of carbon and another element or a radical
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[ˈpeptəʊn] Npeptona f
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I won't say a word until I get some peptone into my arteries.
In the complex medium (with peptones and extracts), the cell concentration increased throughout the time, as well as the concentration of xanthan gum, showing that high concentrations of nitrogen in this case were detrimental for gum production but led to a greater cellular growth.
This business combines a technical services program with a variety of peptones that enhance cell culture media formulations to improve yield and reduce variability in biopharmaceutical applications.
This business combines a strong technical services programme with a variety of peptones that enhance cell culture media formulations to improve yield and reduce variability in biopharmaceutical applications.
Furthermore, in order to investigate the effect of peptone feeding on transfection efficiency, three different sources of peptones with the greatest effect in the CD DG44 basal media were selected; Casein Tryptone Ni, Soy petone A2SC and Soy peptone E110.
A project led by The Centre for Process Innovation (CPI), in partnership with Norway based Marine Bioproducts AS (MB), is to examine the commercial viability of the use of marine derived peptones in the production of high value products through the use of fermentation.
Major EU agricultural imports from the US: tree nuts, soybeans, tobacco, wine, animal feed, spirits, wheat, food preparations, live horses, grain sorghum, essential oils, peptones, seeds, residues of starch.
(The crystals are not salt but rather the end result of enzymes that break down the proteins into peptones, peptides, and free amino acids, some of which present themselves as crystals.)
Meanwhile, Umar Jenni, a professor at the Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta, told reporters that enzymes originating from pork fat are used only to cut the chain of soyprotein, protein from soybeans, into several peptones or proteins with shorter chains.
The use of peptones as medium additives for the production of a recombinant therapeutic protein in high density perfusion cultures.