Parti Québécois

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Parti Québécois

(French parti)
(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (in Canada) a political party in Quebec, formed in 1968 and originally advocating the separation of Quebec from the rest of the country. Abbreviation: PQ
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Par•ti′ Québécois′

(pɑrˈti; Fr. parˈti)

a political party in Quebec that advocates Quebec's separation from Canada: founded in 1968.
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An anti-Charter motion in August 2013 won unanimous support from Montreal city councillors, including several prominent Pequistes. In the November 2013 mayoral race, the Charter was backed by just one candidate, who got less than 1.4 per cent of the vote.
Sous les pequistes, au debut des annees 1980, il y a eu le ministere de l'Amenagement et du Developpement regional.
Dumont was never able to institutionalize the ADQ as a substantive alternative to Liberals and Pequistes. In December the party lost 34 of its seats and Dumont resigned to become a TV talk show host.
In 2003, however, Quebec voters turned out the Pequistes and replaced them with the Liberals, led by Jean Charest.
His campaign spoke to pequistes (PQers) angry that their government had decided to host a neoliberal summit, as well as others who had waited long for an electoral alliance to the left of the PQ.
Lors des manifestations contre Levine, des militants affirment qu' "il est temps que les pequistes paient le prix de leur decision." (26) Comme l'entend Ie ministre Dion, si les Quebecois persistent dans le "menace separatiste, " ils devront en subir les consequences.
Meme la composition arc-en-ciel du parti revele un souci de diversification des influences qui genere, au-dela des simples gains electoraux, des combinaisons partisanes inedites (entre liberaux, pequistes et conservateurs, mais aussi entre federaux, provinciaux et municipaux).
Jacques Parizeau, the Quebec premier who led the pequistes in the second referendum on sovereignty in 1996 and almost won it, was a monarchist, and as far as I know, still is.
Les deputes pequistes et liberaux, le milieu des affaires, les acteurs et presque tous les experts n'emettent aucun avis qui renvoie au principe de representativite.
However, a look at history shows that it is more bilingual than the Pequistes (and members of the Bloc Quebecois) claim.