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 (prō′ə) also prau (prou) or prah·u (prä′o͞o)
A swift traditional sailboat especially in Southeast Asia and Micronesia, having a triangular sail and single outrigger.

[Alteration (probably influenced by Portuguese and Spanish proa, prow) of Early Modern English prow, alteration (influenced by prow) of earlier praw, ultimately (probably partly via Dutch prauw, proa and Portuguese parao, a kind of deckless boat used in the Indian ocean, proa; and Portuguese, partly also from Malayalam pāru, boat) from Malay perahu and perhaps also Javanese prau, both from Proto-Malayo-Polynesian *paraqu; compare Ngadha (Malayo-Polynesian language of Flores) barau, sailboat, and Tolai (Malayo-Polynesian language of northeast New Britain) parau, boat.]
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(ˈprəʊə) or


(Nautical Terms) any of several kinds of canoe-like boats used in the South Pacific, esp one equipped with an outrigger and sails
[C16: from Malay parāhū a boat]
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(ˈproʊ ə)

n., pl. pro•as.
any of various Indonesian vessels, esp. a swift sailboat with a single outrigger.
[1575–85; < Malay pərahu, pərau (sp. perahu) (< Kannada paḍahu, or a cognate Dravidian word)]
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The King enjoyed a river cruise on a 'perahu tambang' (traditional boat), which is the main mode of transportation to the settlement connecting some 13 villages with a total population of about 15,000 people.
Bahrain Embassy in Jakarta has urged Bahraini citizens presently in Subang, West Java, to take precaution and care following the volcano activity of Tangkuban Perahu Mt.
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Among the schools attending are SMP Negeri 6 Makassar of Indonesia, Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Guar Perahu of Malaysia, Raffles Institution of Singapore; and for the Philippines, Lyceum of the Philippines University-Batangas, Miriam College Quezon City and Nuvali campuses, Nord Anglia International School, University of Perpetual Help System-Laguna, FAITH Catholic School, and Fidelis Senior High School.
"Berjuang di atas Perahu: Livelihood, Contestation and Declining Marine Resources on Java's North Coast".
This is a message, A message for the mosque care-takers and the pundits, For the female and male religious teachers, The message for imam and preachers, This is the message from our master shaykh BRAGINSKY 2007:164-5 The opening stanza of the Syair perahu cited above, a Sufi poem in rencong script and South Sumatran Malay dating to the late eighteenth or early nineteenth century, (5) lists those exhorted to receive the mystical message of the Prophet.
There is the tatara for Taiwan, the lepa for Malaysia and perahu for Indonesia.'
(28) Fishermen could also call on their own forebears who were also lost at sea but were remembered at the place where their boat had foundered--a reef, a sandbar, a whirlpool, or perhaps a rock that miraculously formed the shape of a perahu. (29) In the mid-seventeenth century the Jesuit priest Francisco Colin (1592-1660) remarked that in pre-Christian times, when 'there was an anito del mar [spirit of the sea], to whom [the Filipinos] commended their fisheries and navigations', it was quite possible for eminent men to anticipate a future status as deities of the maritime world.
father, man (bapak) udjuk mother, woman (ibu) kole infant male (laki-laki bayi) soto infant female (perempuan bayi) lenum girl (gadis) soke blowpipe (sumpitan) plad dart poison (ipoh) upas poison dart (sumpitan anak panah) soto upas ('poison infant') Punan hut (rumah Punan) plaminan canoe (perahu) alur wild boar (babi hutan) beboy eat (makan) kuman Pusuh could still count in the Kutai Punan language:
The geothermal power investors include PT Bakrie Darmakarya Energi, PT Medco Cahaya Geothermal, PT Sorik Merapi Geothermal Power, PT Sokoria Geothermal, PT Supreme Energy Rajabasa, PT Supreme Energy Rantau Dedap, PT Sintesa Banten Geothermal, PT Star Energi Geothermal Halmahera, PT Jabar Rekind Geothermal, PT Sabang Geothermal Energy, PT Tangkuban Perahu Geothermal Power, PT Supreme Energy Muara Laboh and PT Wijaya Karya Jabar Power.