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n.1.(Zool.) Any marsupial of the genus Perameles, which includes numerous species found in Australia. They somewhat resemble rabbits in size and form. See Illust. under Bandicoot.
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Long-nosed Bandicoot Perameles nasuta and Southern Brown Bandicoot Isoodon obesulus were historically recorded in the Dandenong Valley (Wallis 1994), with the VBA containing records of the latter at Churchill NP in the 1980s.
A species in decline: genetic diversity and conservation of the Victorian eastern barred bandicoot Perameles gunnii.
The eastern barred bandicoot Perameles gunnii is a small (< 1 kg) insectivorous marsupial that has declined to near extinction since European colonisation (Backhouse & Crosthwaite 1996).
Procesos espinosos altos y estrechos fueron tambien relacionados con los movimientos sincronicos de los miembros posteriores durante la locomocion a saltos, caracteristica de roedores ricochetales (Hatt, 1932) y de grupos con locomocion terrestre-saltatorial como Perameles, Chinchilla y Microcavia (Argot, 2003; Olivares, 2009).
Java were identified: most were from a marsupial species native to the local area, the long-nosed bandicoot, Perameles nasuta (Figure 2).
Digestive performance and selective digesta retention in the long-nosed bandicoot, Perameles nasuta, a small omnivorous marsupial.
Management plan for the conservation of the eastern barred bandicoot Perameles gunnii in Victoria.
In a research paper, 'Status of the Barred Bandicoot, Perameles gunnii, in Victoria,' the author, John Seebeck, of the then Arthur Rylah Institute for Environmental Research, refers frequently in his text to information supplied by him, and, in his concluding Acknowledgements writes:
ON the Heirisson Prong Peninsula, scientists and wildlife managers are fighting an ongoing battle to protect from predators reintroduced populations of the burrowing bettong Bettongia lesueur, and western barred bandicoot Perameles bougainville.
Relatively complete developmental series of five eutherians, Mus musculus (Rodentia), Felis domestica (Carnivora), Sus scrofa (Artiodactyla), Manis javanica (Pholidota), and Tupaia javanica (Scandentia), and four metatherians, Monodelphis domestica (Didelphidae), Macropus eugenii (Macropodidae), Dasyurus viverrinus (Dasyuridae), and Perameles nasuta (Peramelidae) were examined.
In order to root our analyses, we also scored character data from seven species of nondidelphid marsupials that served as outgroups in our analyses: one microbiotheriid (Dromiciops gliroides), two caenolestids (Caenolestes fuliginosus, Rhyncholestes raphanurus), two dasyurids (Murexia longicaudatus, Sminthopsis crassicaudata), and two peramelids (Echymipera kalubu, Perameles gunni).
Recovery plan for the eastern barred bandicoot Perameles gunnii.