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v. t.1.To pierce.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Clarke laid up his barge and canoes in a sheltered place, on the banks of a small bay, overgrown with shrubs and willows, confiding them to the care of the Nez Perce chief, who, on being promised an ample compensation, engaged to have a guardian eye upon them; then mounting his steed, and putting himself at the head of his little caravan, he shook the dust off his feet as he turned his back upon this village of rogues and hard dealers.
Here he found a village or encampment of forty huts or tents, covered with mats, and inhabited by Nez Perces, or Pierced-nose Indians, as they are called by the traders; but Chipunnish, as they are called by themselves.
This speech was translated two or three times by Nez Perce and creole interpreters.
Here, also, the savage tribes connected with the trade, the Nez Perces or Chopunnish Indians, and Flatheads, had pitched their lodges beside the streams, and with their squaws, awaited the distribution of goods and finery.
Unluckily, the trappers and their allies, in searching for the fort, had got scattered, so that Wyeth, and a number of Nez Perces, approached the fort on the northwest side, while others did the same on the opposite quarter.
This however, was abandoned; the Nez Perces being unwilling to destroy the robes and blankets, and other spoils of the enemy, which they felt sure would fall into their hands.
the court would construe the Nez Perce treaties any differently and
The story of Chief Joseph and his band of Nez Perce has become part of our standard lore about the American Indian, up there with Custer's men at Little Big Horn and the tragic fate of Crazy Horse.
They include The Nez Perce Indians and the Opening of the North West, Red Power: The American Indians' Fight for Freedom and Now That the Buffaloe Are Gone.
This study applies these scale and power perspectives to the lower Snake River watershed with the goal is to demonstrate how the agricultural economy has fueled growth strategies throughout Nez Perce aboriginal territory.
Nez Perce Environmental Restoration and Waste Management
Lawrence alongside those frustrated RCMP officers at Perce Rock.