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(ˈpɜːsɪvəl) or


(European Myth & Legend) (in Arthurian legend) a knight in King Arthur's court. German equivalent: Parzival
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or Per•ce•val

(ˈpɜr sə vəl)

a knight of King Arthur's court who sought the Holy Grail.
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Then came Sir Carados of the dolorous tower, and Sir Turquine, knights of the castle, and there encountered with them Sir Percivale de Galis and Sir Lamorak de Galis, that were two brethren, and there encountered Sir Percivale with Sir Carados, and either brake their spears unto their hands, and then Sir Turquine with Sir Lamorak, and either of them smote down other, horse and all, to the earth, and either parties rescued other and horsed them again.
And when his neighbour, Sir Kay, arguing with Sir Percivale on current form, appealed to him to back up his statement that Sir Gawain, though a workman-like middle-weight, lacked the punch, he did not answer, though the subject was one on which he held strong views.
A high profile piece of business for the Leavesley military equipment empire - which traces its roots back to the First World War - was the breaking up of two Royal Fleet Auxiliary ships RFA Sir Percivale and RFA Grey Rover.
Thus in the entry on "The Star of Percivale" (TtL 46-47), Williams writes
Rich but socialistic and unglamorous Lancashire parents of antiwar convictions farmed out young Alan John Percivale Taylor to various Quaker schools that he might be inoculated against Great War militarism.
On his last mission to Washington he and Percivale Liesching of the Board of Trade succeeded in finally obtaining an agreement with the US administration on postwar commercial policy, in the form of Proposals for Consideration by an International Conference on Trade and Employment, whose principles were incorporated in GATT in 1947.
"He has certainly been excised from all Muggle volumes of King Arthur's story, but wizarding versions of the tales include Sir Cadogan alongside Sir Lancelot, Sir Bedivere and Sir Percivale. These tales reveal him to be hot-headed and peppery, and brave to the point of foolhardiness, but a good man in a corner."
113 UKHC Karachi to Percivale Lieshing, CRO London, 9 September 1952, DO 35/2252, TNA London.
Lancelot and Trystram are used to illustrate the contestation of male identity between the requirements of the (invisible) affair and the (visible) gender performance, and the grail quest, including the interpolation of Percivale's sister, highlights the ways in which Malory uses the source material to continue the emphasis on the physical realm and its use of vision, rather than spiritual 'seeing'.
More recently the Royal Fleet Auxiliary vessel and Falklands War veteran Sir Percivale was scrapped there.