Percy Walker

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, Walker 1916-1990.
American novelist. Influenced by the European existentialists, his works, including The Moviegoer (1961), explore human alienation.
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Pte Percy Walker, 21, of Ravens Mount on Ravensknowle Road, had worked in the buying department at Birkby engineering company Hopkinson and Co before the the war.
The film displays an upper class aristocrat, Sandra Anderson, taking up the cause for a "lower-class" waitress (Charlie); Percy Walker, an African-American male, a diner cook, gives his life in order to save the upper class aristocrat Sandra Anderson; Kyle Williams, an African-American male (although he is deceived) puts his life on the line in an attempt to save what appears to be a father and his innocent son who are Caucasian.
Guides will tell of authors who have rived and written in New Orleans including William Faulkner, Tennessee Williams, Percy Walker, James Burke and Anne Rice and 60 other authors who wrote in or about New Orleans.
Mayne tells how in January 1944, Royal Canadian Navy Vice Admiral Percy Walker Nelles was fired as chief of the naval staff, the victim of a feud between factions among officers of the Navy.
Percy Walker's garden is so long, you wonder if it will ever end.