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Noun1.Perdix - a genus of PerdicinaePerdix - a genus of Perdicinae    
bird genus - a genus of birds
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The subject of this contract is the provision of services in the field of forestry at the Forestry Commission Lochow in the years 2016-2017, including: acquisition and hauling wood, forest breeding, seed, nursery, economy, incidental, forest protection, forest fire protection, maintenance of forest and game management in rangeries: Sadowne, Zieleniec, Wielgie, Szumin, Kamionna, Urle, Jagodne, Medininkai, Stoczek, WrotnEw, Hungarians, Ruchna and Miedzanka and the maintenance and development of the aviary and the reintroduction of gray partridges (Perdix perdix L.
To start, legal vermin control was carried out, with particular emphasis on carrion crow, before F1 grey partridge hatching eggs arrived in three batches from Perdix Wildlife Supplies.
The effects of modern agriculture, nest predation and game management on the population ecology of partridges (Perdix perdix and Alectoris rufa).
BRF will sell and distribute its portfolio of products in the UAE through Federal Foods, including Sadia and Perdix brands, and the portfolio from the processed products plant which will start operating in 2013.
In Latin the species is called Perdix perdix, so maybe it is the original partridge, as perdiz in Spanish does mean "partridge.
From the Greek perdikion, the name of a plant applied by Theophrastus to a species of Polygonum, perdikion is the diminutive of perdix, partridge.