pere david's deer

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Père David's deer

(Animals) a large grey deer, Elaphurus davidianus, surviving only in captivity as descendants of a herd preserved in the Imperial hunting park near Beijing
[C20: named after Father A. David (died 1900), French missionary]
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Noun1.Père David's deer - large Chinese deer surviving only in domesticated herdspere david's deer - large Chinese deer surviving only in domesticated herds
cervid, deer - distinguished from Bovidae by the male's having solid deciduous antlers
Elaphurus, genus Elaphurus - a genus of Cervidae
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For example, Pere Davids deer became extinct in China in 1900 and only survive because they were imported to Woburn park.
Project details : The wetlands in Hubei province provide refuge to a host of globally significant species, including freshwater porpoise, Pere Davids deer and hundreds of migratory bird species.