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While at City College, Roth worked for a small CPA firm in Manhattan called Aaron Perel, doing write-ups and individual tax returns.
and Johanthan Perel, a minority person joined with a "watchdog" organization in bringing suit against a large property management firm (General Services Corporation) and its president.
Esther Perel, MFT, a 2009 presenter said, "It was a pleasure to work with Pronto last year, embraced by the Tuscan hills.
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het ek gevind my perel van grote waarde" en le "die fondament [.
55) Siinkohal meenub lugu lapseootel naisest, kes "rahvavaenlase" perekonnaliikmena Siberisse viidi, ulejaanud perel aial-ammal ja nende poegadel--onnestus kuuditamisest korvale jaada.