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I went to visit Esther Perel, the reigning guru of couples' therapists, on a sunny Tuesday in October in her spacious, art-filled office in Midtown Manhattan.
Deb Bhattacharjee, Eric Monti, Stephen Perel, and Guillermo B.
One reason infidelity is so catastrophic, Perel says, is that we are culturally groomed to believe marriage should provide us everything we need emotionally, including sex, offspring, friendship, stability, inspiration and refuge.
According to psychotherapist and couples' sex expert Esther Perel, sex in the early stages of a relationship is often spontaneous, after marriage it becomes more of a "creative enterprise," but that's no bad thing, reports the Independent.
Last night, I was at a dinner that Gwyneth Paltrow was hosting with Esther Perel (renowned psychotherapist), who spoke of how people have affairs not because something is missing in their lives.
We have taken sex out of biology," explains psychotherapist Esther Perel, who has been writing and speaking about our current society's relationship to eroticism, intimacy, and desire in the modern-day relationship.
En charla aparte, la directora del 13 Festival de Cine Todos Santos-La Paz, Sylvia Perel, habla de los pormenores de este evento que arranca el martes 15, y de sus invitados especiales: el actor Diego Luna (director de Mr.