peremptory challenge

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peremp′tory chal′lenge

a formal objection to a prospective juror that does not require a cause to be shown.
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Even though Martinez-Salazar was not a Scenario 4 or 6 case, the majority went considerably out of its way, as discussed above, to hold that Federal Rule 24(b) does not require a defendant to use peremptory challenges curatively.
Hoffman, Peremptory Challenges Should be Abolished: A Trial Judge's Perspective, 64 U.
Each side has 18 peremptory challenges, which allows them to exclude a juror for any reason.
that jurors be identified by number only in both criminal and civil trials this accords with the preference of the majority of jurors; that peremptory challenges be retained in criminal and civil trials and that the number of these challenges be reduced from six to three in criminal trials (and equivalently for Crown stand asides) and from three to two in civil trials; and the repeal of section 48 of the Juries Act, which provides for balloting off jurors in criminal trials in excess of 12 jurors, and in civil trials in excess of six jurors, prior to the jury retiring to consider its verdict.
Peremptory challenges, also known as peremptory strikes, enable
The convicts are involved in killing and explosions that targeted Iraqi nationals and have all been convicted according to the fourth article of the anti-terrorism law," the ministry said in a statement All peremptory challenges have been exhausted as the Iraqi president has signed their execution verdicts.
The Court of Appeals af-firmed the judgment of the trial court, holding that Kerry could not prove she was harmed by the trial court's refusal to strike four allegedly biased jurors because she did not show that she had been forced to exhaust her peremptory challenges to eliminate these jurors.
To preserve your right to challenge error in refusing to excuse a potential juror for cause, you must exhaust all peremptory challenges and make a request for additional peremptory challenges.
Other topics include what judges and lawyers need to know about modern jury selection methods, peremptory challenges, challenges for cause, and an update on the case law of jury selection.
Lawyers for the state and for the 24-year-old hotel clerk began using their peremptory challenges of prospective jurors Wednesday, but used only four of the 24 such challenges available to them.
Because peremptory challenges were not exclusively under the control of prosecutors, but were also a tactical tool used by counsel for the accused, defense counsel's exclusion of some minority jurors essentially clouded the evidence and prevented the Court from concluding that exclusion of blacks from petit jury service could be exclusively attributed to state actors.