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n.1.The quality of being perennial.
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- promote the efficiency of european s2s research and application to meet society needs through the establishment of a dynamic network of professional and the development of legacy tools that will ensure the network~s perennity and its expansion beyond this itn: a yearly s2s summer school and a eu web-portal for s2s.europe and the s2s-future trained esrs will be at the center of this network, in a unique place to contribute and benefit from future capacity building and breakthroughs of source-to-sink sedimentary research.
Proponents of the social novel have accused fabulism of a reluctance or failure to engage the contemporary big picture in all its realist particulars, as if imagination were a retreat and metaphor a surrender, but it is perhaps in paring specifics away, cleaving close instead to some bone truth, that fables find their haunting perennity. If, four decades after it initially lent its name to her second collection, it is now possible to read "The Tenants" (page 45) as a parable of the refugee crisis, that is only a testament to its roominess.
Frame 5--Multiple linear regression between the variables that most positively influence the Management, Success and Perennity (Independent) and Reinvest in the PEs to better serve their workforce, the clientele and fulfill their economic and social function to remain successful in the market (Dependent) In the industrial PEs of Maranhao.
A truly national character, necessary for the perennity of Canadians' institutions and welfare, might then at last develop.
The agreement, signed by the previous FA chairman David Bernstein, says: "The order of rotation shall be IFA (2011-15) FAW SFA FA IFA etc in perennity."
We notice in these suggestions the deep roots of Boas's revolutionary thought in the romantic system (in this case, Novalis's thinking), but also its ramifications into Kurt Godel's no less revolutionary system--which demonstrates the modernity and the perennity of the Boasian system as interface between the natural sciences and the sciences of spirit.
Identifying the palatal rugae, which are unique to each individual, is a method that fills technical and biological requirements, particularly the perennity, because it is a high strength tissue and therefore persists for some days after death (ARBENZ, 1988).
Part of this vulnerability to biotic agents is due to perennity of plants, lack of spatial and temporal discontinuity, and the existence of environments favorable to these agents for long period throughout the year (SOUSA; GOES, 2010).
This is because while coercion is of primordial importance in establishing power, persuasion is vital for its perennity. A ruler hiding behind a gun almost always ends up with the gun turning to point at him.