Perfect chord

(Mus.) a concord or union of sounds which is perfectly coalescent and agreeable to the ear, as the unison, octave, fifth, and fourth; a perfect consonance; a common chord in its original position of keynote, third, fifth, and octave.

See also: Perfect

References in classic literature ?
Anne's laughter was silver and Leslie's golden, and the combination of the two was as satisfactory as a perfect chord in music.
If one appropriate thing happens, it wakes us up like the pang of a perfect chord.
THIS giant grand piano strikes the perfect chord with a visitor to a spectacular city of magical ice sculptures.
May struck the perfect chord in the opening moments with a strike that set the tone for a fine performance.
If he did, it doesn't matter because it is essentially a John song and strikes a perfect chord with every proud Scouser.
Melody ludi struck the perfect chord when she landed the Examiner Golf Challenge in Majorca.
An incredible song like Company OnMy Back, with its ringing dulcimer breaks and circular and perfect chord changes, actually sounds run-of-the-mill in the context of a record packed full of many other delights.
Unique musical time travelers, the group plays popular blends of traditional son, bolero and guaracha circa Cuba in the 1930s, 40s and 50s, yet the classic nature of the tunes strikes a perfect chord with those musical lovers searching ture Latin music.
The Transit Triangle strikes a perfect chord between the strict 9-to-5 world of Downtown, the pricey features of Midtown, and the incongruous residential qualities of the Flatiron District, Greenwich Village and SoHo.
Maybe it's just that in an age when idealism of any sort is thought unrealistic, if not plain ridiculous, football-as a game in which the despicable has been allowed to become the norm-just strikes the perfect chord.
OLDER READERS may remember the sacred song by Sir Arthur Sullivan in which an organist sadly remembers accidentally hitting a presumably perfect chord and laments that he has not been able to find that chord again.
Considering recent events, it strikes the perfect chord.