Perfecting press

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(Print.) a press in which the printing on both sides of the paper is completed in one passage through the machine.

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Nguyen Van Binh noted, appreciate the preparation, as well as comments profoundly, the responsibility of the Finance Ministry and suggested the Ministry of Finance to continue perfecting press report to provide more information to the Sub-Committee of the XIII Congress of the Party.
A Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 105 10-color perfecting press with coating unit is currently used for printing.
Benson Gateshead, part of the Benson Group, has bought an eight-colour Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 106 B1 format perfecting press.
The three models to be introduced are: 1) the "DIAMOND V3000LX," designed for optimal printing on various stock across a wide thickness range; 2) the "DIAMOND V3000R," a convertible perfector press for both single-side and double-side printing; and 3) the "DIAMOND V3000TP," a dedicated one-pass perfecting press that applies MHI's proprietary technologies for fully printing on one side and then the other without tumbling the sheet.
The Heidelberg SpeedMaster 10-colour perfecting press has now been installed, enabling double-sided printing in a single pass with highest print quality.
Magna IV also last year invested nearly $3 million in a high-tech eight-color perfecting press that cranks out 11,000-13,000 color sheets per hour.
To attract new business Y Lolfa has made a pounds 500,000 investment in its operations with the purchase of a state-of-the-art Komori perfecting press, collating equipment and a 240 square metre warehouse extension.
If the job is printing on a four-color perfecting press, which can print both sides of the sheet at the same time, there would be no additional cost to print three-over-one.
To further support the acquisition, Phoenix Color will be investing approximately $5.0 million in new press, finishing and folding equipment including a 10-unit, perfecting press with coater that will support Color Optics, and also provide additional capacity and capabilities for our high quality, multi-color book customers."
Magna IV's new eight-color perfecting press runs at 11,000-13,000 sheets per hour and prints color on both sides of a sheet on the same pass.
The Man Roland 306 six-color, 29-inch perfecting press was purchased from Man Roland Inc.