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n. pl.1.(Zool.) A division of corals including those that have a porous texture, as Porites and Madrepora; - opposed to Aporosa.
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Halimeda scabra, Hypnea valentiae, Jania adhaerens, Padina boergesenii, Palisada perforata, and Tricleocarpa fragilis.
1 III Scattered species in the canopy layer: carmin, roble macho (Tabebuia hypoleuca), aguedita dulce, palo de caja, yaya, yaicuaje, Ficus perforata, guayabillo (Guettarda calyptrata), yaiti, royal palm, combretaceae, leviza (Licaria jamaicensis), Pithecellobium sp.
Generally, Benchalokawichian comprises roots of 5 plants, namely Harrisonia perforata Merr.
perforata (Bory) Nam (15,18,35) M m Polysiphonia atlantica Kapraun et M m Norris (18,23,25,29) P.
Gonzalo soffre, fra i tanti mali immaginari, di ulcera duodenale perforata ed e quindi condannato al digiuno e, per contrapasso, forzato ad "insaccare tonnellate di bismuto".
The tropical marine isopod Dynamenella perforata was also reported to have epiphytic algae in exposed conditions whereas those that were provided shelter carried no such algae (Glynn, 1970).
perforata (Baer and Schultze, 1996) was dominated by various isomers of matricaria ester.
The essential oil of Matricaria perforata from Germany is dominated by 2Z,8Z-matricaria ester (75%), accompanied by several other characteristic polyines, such as 8Z-2,3-dihydro-matricaria ester, 2E- and 2Z-lachnophyllum ester, 2E-dehydro-matricaria ester, and 5E,9Z-matricaria lactone [34].
La presencia de espiguillas trifloras solo ha sido citada para las especies Anthaenantiopsis perforata (Mees) Parodi var.
Development, metamorphosis, and substrate selection of the larvae of the sand dollar, Mellita quinques perforata.