performance art

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performance art

A form of art performed live that combines elements of visual and performing arts.

performance artist n.

performance art

(Theatre) a theatrical presentation that incorporates various art forms, such as dance, sculpture, music, etc

perfor′mance art`

an often collaborative art form involving a fusion of several artistic media, as painting, film, video, music, drama, and dance.
perfor′mance art`ist, n.
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Alhamra provides space to different kinds of work and if their scrutiny is done to make them follow objective 'guidelines', the diversity in form and scripts, which is the hallmark of performance arts, will surely suffer.
She returned to Pakistan and shifted to Lahore with a goal to introduce performance arts and pass on the skills to young aspirants.
It is open to both artists and the general public and invites everyone to come along to exchange ideas, build collaborations and view some performance arts.
The selected pieces of artworks, in such diversified fields as sculpture, painting, filmmaking, plastic and performance arts, will become permanent additions to the collection of the leading private manager investing in global growth markets, Abrj Group.
November 24 2011 (TUR) -- The "Performance Arts Center" being constructed at the Zorlu Center in Istanbul will be Turkey's biggest performance arts center.
The sometimes provocative, sometimes intellectual and often entertaining performance arts show The Femme Show is coming to town.
A FORMER dance and fitness teacher has side-stepped a career in performance arts after being appointed managing director of La Gabbia, the Ouseburn's new Italian restaurant.
Throughout this article I will stress the centrality of the performance arts as storytelling.
International Journal of Performance Arts & Digital Media (IJPADM).
"By reviving this structure as a performance arts center, the city is once again demonstrating its commitment to preserving our urban cultural heritage," said Len Franco, a partner at WASA.
The group includes contributors as diverse as Shaun Cole, curator of designs at London's Victoria and Albert Museum; Edward Sullivan, chairman of New York University's Department of Fine Arts; and Carla Williams, a blues aficionado and scholar in black performance arts.

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