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Relating to or being an utterance that performs an act or creates a state of affairs by the fact of its being uttered under appropriate or conventional circumstances, as a justice of the peace uttering I now pronounce you husband and wife at a wedding ceremony, thus creating a legal union, or as one uttering I promise, thus performing the act of promising.
A performative utterance.

per·for′ma·tiv′i·ty (-tĭv′ĭ-tē) n.
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(pəˈfɔːmətɪv) or


1. (Linguistics)
a. denoting an utterance that constitutes some act, esp the act described by the verb. For example, I confess that I was there is itself a confession, and so is performative in the narrower sense, while I'd like you to meet … (effecting an introduction) is performative only in the looser sense. See also locutionary act, illocution, perlocution
b. (as noun): that sentence is a performative.
2. (Linguistics)
a. denoting a verb that may be used as the main verb in such an utterance
b. (as noun): "promise" is a performative.
perˈformatively adv
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(pərˈfɔr mə tɪv)

1. (of an expression or statement) performing an act by the very fact of being uttered, as “I promise,” which performs the act of promising.
2. a performative utterance.
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[pəˈfɔːmətɪv] N performative (verb)(verbo m ) performativo m
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nperformativer Ausdruck
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The idea that there exists an "apologetic discourse" suggests a further important understanding regarding the dynamics of apology: that the offender's expression of sorrow is a performative utterance.(15) The sorrow and regret that the offender has experienced internally is converted by speech from "a private condition into public communion."(16) No longer is the offender simply wrestling with internalized humiliation and shame; now the offender chooses to give voice to these feelings, to allow a public hearing of the inner conversation.
Instead of insisting on the virtue of sincerity, Marlowe's play underscores the theatrical element in any performative utterance. Both texts present performatives that surprise their speakers in their effects, emphasizing the unpredictability of the signifier.
Although there is some discussion of Bartleby as a character, the primary focus is on his transformative performative utterance, "I'd prefer not to."
Gauvin's theory becomes indispensable in my analysis of Soleymanlou's many-lingual performative utterance, which he constructs as he ponders political, social, and artistic debates in Quebec concerning the position of French in North America, surrounded by other languages and other cultural contexts.
Additional essays in this section address performative utterance and affect.
A performative utterance is an offer of participation in the order of law [...].
a performative utterance will, for example, be in a peculiar way hollow or void if said by an actor on the stage, or if introduced in a poem, or spoken in soliloquy.
Arthur assures the other men that "I've never cheated in my life, I'll tell yer that now" a performative utterance that establishes the idea that "I am an honest man because I say I am" (p.
(22) Through this cantus, Medea abandons her human identity, realizing her full potential for infernal magic and calculating the destruction of the Corinthian royal family, a catastrophe accomplished not, as in other tragedies, by political machinations or armed conflicts, but by the very efficacy of her performative utterance: "uocis imperio meae" (by the power of my voice; 1.
When intention becomes action, particularly by someone with innate power, speech becomes a "performative utterance."
I will examine Stowe's nods toward black diasporic culture to contextualize Cassy's speech and to suggest how Cassy's performative utterance weakens Stowe's investment in sympathetic identification.
an extended performative utterance of a peculiar kind.