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n. pl. per·i·car·di·a (-dē-ə)
The membranous sac filled with serous fluid that encloses the heart and the roots of the aorta and other large blood vessels.

[New Latin, from Greek perikardion, from perikardios, around the heart : peri-, peri- + kardiā, heart; see kerd- in Indo-European roots.]

per′i·car′di·al (-dē-əl), per′i·car′di·ac′ (-dē-ăk′) adj.
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Adj.1.pericardial - located around the heart or relating to or affecting the pericardium; "pericardial space"


a. pericardíaco, rel. al pericardio;
___ effusionderrame pericardiaco;
___ friction soundroce pericardiaco;
___ puncturepunción pericardiaca.


adj pericárdico
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A total of 300 mL pericardial effusion was evacuated with no fungal or bacterial growth; the epicardium appeared inflamed.
Whenever a pericardial effusion is detected at CMR, assessment for signs of tamponade should occur which include early diastolic flattening of the right ventricular free wall, late diastolic and early systolic right atrial notching present during greater than one third of the cardiac cycle, and dilatation of the superior and inferior vena cava (Figure 2).
The next day, echocardiography revealed a moderate volume of pericardial effusion that did not appear to be causing significant tamponade (Fig 2).
Myopericarditis was suspected because of the TnI elevation in the laboratory results, hypokinesis of the anterior wall, and minimal pericardial effusion identified via echocardiography.
Chest radiograph revealed globular shaped cardiomegaly suggestive of pericardial effusion (Figure 2).
Chest computed tomography scans showed pleural thickening, pericardial thickening, pericardial effusions, and worm nodules (23).
4) Pericarditis was reported to be the most common cardiac complication of HIV infection, followed by pericardial effusion.
The presence of an ultrasonically detectable pericardial effusion also correlated significantly with active TB (diagnosed by smear or culture) (OR 2.
Cardiac tamponade without pericardial effusion after blunt chest trauma.
The implementation of measures to monitor for pericarditis and pericardial effusion is expected to be relatively straightforward.