Pericardial fluid

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(Physiol.) a serous fluid of a pale yellow color contained in the pericardium.

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Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Researchers have discovered a previously unidentified cell population in the pericardial fluid found inside the sac around the heart.
In our case, we neither evaluated serum IgE levels nor sampled pericardial fluid, but no other abnormality was detected.
Fluoroscopic guided pig tail catheter passed and 250 ml of pericardial fluid drained which was sent for routine examination, culture and sensitivity, gram stain, ZN stain, AFB culture, Cytology and ADA levels.
The decreasing diuresis could be the first sign of accumulating pericardial fluid and thriving pericardial tamponade on cardiac surgical ICU.
Pericardial fluid analysis showed a total bilirubin of 38.4 g/dL and the patient was diagnosed with bile pericarditis.
CTA showed mild pericardial fluid and small aortic dissection that was confined to non-coronary cusp, therefore we treated this patient conservatively.
Pericardial fluid cell count was significant for red blood cells of >700 k, as expected in this disease [2].
The concordance rate of slide responses for pericardial fluid was also significantly different between malignant (95.4%) and benign (74.9%) cases (P < .001).
Flow cytometry of the pericardial fluid revealed a population of monoclonal B-cells with significant large cell component (Figure 3).
Pericardial fluid was sent for cytology as well as viral, fungal, aerobic, anaerobic, and AFB cultures that were all negative.
Pericardial fluid from patients who underwent pericardiocentesis was analyzed for cell count, protein, and LDH content as well as cultures.