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n, pl -dinia (-ˈdɪnɪə)
(Biology) biology a member of the Peridinium genus of marine- or freshwater-dwelling dinoflagellate organisms characterized by armoured plates
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Noun1.Peridinium - type genus of the family Peridiniidae
protoctist genus - any genus of Protoctista
family Peridiniidae, Peridiniidae - marine and freshwater dinoflagellates
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Five additional species are reported including Borghiella tenuissima from Willow Creek, Palatinus apiculatis from a pond in Tiffin, Peridinium weirzejskii from Sauerwein Pond at Heidelberg University in Tiffin, and Chimonodinium lomnickii and Kansodinium ambiguum from Cuyahoga Valley National Park.
In summer, planktonic chlorophytes from the genera Monoraphidium and Scenedesmus and dinoflagellates from the genus Peridinium were present.
Phytoplankton species of Cosmarium species, Peridinium species, Cymbella species, Synedra species, Nitzschia species, Navicula species, Microcystis species, Cyclotella species, Surirella species, Scenedesmus species, Oscilatoria species, Staurastrum species, Cymatopleura species, Oocystis species, Elakatothrix species, Pediastrum species, Schroederia species were also identified in this study.
aeruginosa, and Microcystis protocystis Crow, the filamentous species Oscillatoria sp., and the unicellular flagellates Peridinium umbonatum Stein and Chlamydomonas sp., respectively.
The organism was identified by Harry Beal Torrey as the Peridinium Gonyaulax.
Species which had higher abundance in control station are Ostreopsis ovata, Coolia monotis, Prorocentrum lima, Pleurosigma sp., Peridinium sp., Pinnularia sp., and Polykrikos sp.
High abundance (1,460 cells/mL) of the dinoflagellate Peridinium quinquecorne Abe was present in the water on June 9 as the dominant phytoplankton species.
sp.2 B 0.3 F P 1 Peridiniella danica (Paulsen) R 0.3 F P 1 Okolodkov et Dodge Peridinium quinquecorne Abe * R,B 8.8 F P 1 Phalacroma acutum (Schutt) B 0.6 M P 1 Pavillard P.