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(peɪ riˈgɔr)

a division of the former province of Guienne, in SW France.
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Messieurs de Truffigny (of the Perigord family) and Champignac, both attaches of the Embassy, were straightway smitten by the charms of the fair Colonel's wife, and both declared, according to the wont of their nation (for who ever yet met a Frenchman, come out of England, that has not left half a dozen families miserable, and brought away as many hearts in his pocket-book?
Further microscopic and genetic analysis confirmed that Bella's find was a Perigord black truffle (Tuber melanosporum).
La realeza de Perigord tenia un origen mundano, los cuatro ejercitos--petrocorii--que se aliaron a las fuerzas galas contra Julio Cesar.
The Perigord salad at lunch fans out pieces of warm duck breast over greens, toasted walnuts, tomato, bacon and garlic croutons for $14.
Synopsis: Two veteran soldiers retire to a castle in the wildly beautiful Perigord of sixteenth century France.
Diego gives olives a new life by filling them up with pancetta and then crumb- frying them; he reinvents the famous Insalata Caprese by serving peppered buffalo mozzarella with five different kinds of marinated heirloom tomatoes; regular fettucine get a personality of their own as they sit atop a pool of parmesan fondue and black Perigord truffles; and the lobster ravioli, served on lobster bisque interspersed with zucchini for a change of texture, breaks your heart when it disappears into your stomach.
From January to early March, devout epicureans worship at the church of the superior Perigord black truffle (tuber melanosporum), making the pilgrimage to France--or keeping their suppliers on speed dial--determined to get the best of the fleeting harvest.
All that in the fabulous Perigord region of the Dordogne.
Esta salsa toma el nombre del Perigord, comarca francesa conocida por la calidad de sus trufas y de su foie-gras.
Black truffles, from the Perigord region of France, are popular among French chefs.
Since most folks can't afford to buy truffles by the pound, they buy Black Diamonds, a small packet of shavings from French Black Perigord Truffles (Tuber melanosporum) that sell for a few hundred dollars.
The issue raised by PETA was that the foie gras, sourced from several farms by the Sarlat Perigord cooperative, does not comply with halal standards as the birds are kept cruel conditions.