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n. (used with a sing. verb)
The branch of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders of the gums.

per′i·o·don′tic, per′i·o·don′ti·cal adj.
per′i·o·don′tist n.


(Dentistry) (functioning as singular) the branch of dentistry concerned with diseases affecting the tissues and structures that surround teeth. Also called: periodontology or periodontia
[C19: from peri- + -odontics, from Greek odōn tooth]
ˌperioˈdontic adj
ˌperioˈdontically adv


(ˌpɛr i əˈdɒn tɪks)

also per•i•o•don•tia

(-ˈdɒn ʃə, -ʃi ə)

n. (used with a sing. v.)
the branch of dentistry dealing with the study and treatment of diseases of the periodontium.
[1945–50; peri- + -odont + -ics]
per`i•o•don′tic, adj.
per`i•o•don′tist, n.

periodontics, periodontia

the branch of dentistry that studies and treats disease of the bone, connecting tissue, and gum surrounding a tooth. — periodontist, n. — periodontic, adj.
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Noun1.periodontics - the branch of dentistry dealing with diseases of the gums and other structures around the teeth
dental medicine, dentistry, odontology - the branch of medicine dealing with the anatomy and development and diseases of the teeth


n. periodoncia, rama de la odontología que estudia las enfermedades que atacan las áreas que envuelven los dientes.


n periodoncia
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