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n. pl.1.Those who live on the same parallel of latitude but on opposite meridians, so that it is noon in one place when it is midnight in the other. Compare Antœci.
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15) The non-Spartan inhabitants of Laconia and Messenia can be divided into two groups: helots and perioikoi.
Perioikoi were a group within the body of Lacedaemonians, separate and not equal to the Spartiates, but at the same time distinct from the oppressed helots.
They may be compared with the perioikoi of Sparta, the original inhabitants of the Peloponnese, who retained their freedom and could own property, but had no political rights.
32) It is likely to be shortly after this that Sparta defeated the Tegeates and their Arcadian allies at Dipaea, fighting against great odds in single line (three unvoncertible words in Greek Characters), (33) in contrast (5,000 Spartiates, 5,000 perioikoi and 35,000 helots) she had in 479 sent into battle at Plataea.
Key words: conspiracy, revolt, helots, perioikoi, neodamodeis, hypomeiones, citizenship, exclusion, integration.