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Noun1.Periophthalmus - a genus of GobiidaePeriophthalmus - a genus of Gobiidae      
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
mudskipper, mudspringer - found in tropical coastal regions of Africa and Asia; able to move on land on strong pectoral fins
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(2014) suggested Boleophthalmus and Scartelaos were in close relationship and Murdy (1989) indicated Boleophthalmus was clustered with Periophthalmus. Also, an unexpected relationship that Amblyopinae contained B.
A seminal study of the dynamics of a mudskipper (Periophthalmus papilio) population in the Cross River, Nigeria.
(Pseudo-mugilidae), Glossamia arguni Hadiaty & Allen 2011 (Apogonidae) and several gobiioid fishes: Redigobius chrysosoma (Bleeker 1875), Mugilogobius mertoni (Weber 1911), Eleotris melanosoma Bleek-er, 1852, Periophthalmus weberi Eggert 1935, and Oxyeleotris nullipora Roberts 1978.
The main paper for this issue comes from the duo of the indefatigable Gary Feulner and Binish Roobas, with an exhaustive report on the re-discovery of the mudskipper Periophthalmus waltoni in the UAE.
On the locomotion of the Mudskipper, Periophthalmus koelreuteri (Pallas): (Gobiidae).
Trace metals toxicity and bioaccumulation in Mudskipper Periophthalmus waltoni Koumanas 1941 (Gobiidae: Perciformes).
Morphometric measurements and meristic counts in mudskipper (Periophthalmus papilio) from mangrove swamps of Lagos lagoon, Nigeria..J.
Dynamics in the lengthweight parameters of the mudskipper, Periophthalmus barbarus (Gobiidae), in Imo River estuary, Nigeria.
It was described by Bleeker (1874), designating Eleotris periophthalmus Bleeker as the type Amblyeleotris neumanni, a new species of shrimp goby from New Britain species.
They are of freshwater and marine origin such as ciprinodontids, pecilids, tilapias, gobiids, blennioids, mudskippers (Periophthalmus and Boleophthalmus), and climbing anabantids (Anabas scandens).
Effects of chromium (6+) on some ion-dependent ATPases in gills, kidney and intestine of a coastal teleost Periophthalmus dipes.