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Noun1.Peripatopsidae - a family of Onychophora
arthropod family - any of the arthropods
class Onychophora, Onychophora - enigmatic small elongated wormlike terrestrial invertebrates of damp dark habitats in warm regions; distinct from the phylum Annelida; resemble slugs with legs and are sometimes described as the missing link between arthropods and annelids
genus Peripatopsis, Peripatopsis - type genus of Peripatopsidae; onychophorans of chiefly Asiatic and African tropical regions
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Modern velvet worms are classified in two families, Peripatidae and Peripatopsidae.
There are two living families: the egg-laying Peripatopsidae occuring in Chile, South Africa and Oceania, and the Peripatidae that bears live young and occurs in the Neotropics, and in isolated tropical areas of Africa and Asia (Bouvier 1905, 1907, Ruhberg 1985).
Las especies de onicoforos estan clasificadas en dos familias, la familia Peripatopsidae (Bouvier 1905) que se distribuye a lo largo de Africa del Sur, Chile y Australasia, y la familia Peripatidae (Evans 1901a) que ocupa la zona ecuatorial: Antillas, Mexico, America Central, Africa ecuatorial occidental, region norte de America del Sur y Sudeste de Asia (Bouvier 1905, Monge-Najera 1995).