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In it, Gifford describes to Edward Cope how he came to produce his text in his own time: "Hauing by your worships fauourable permittance, conuenient opportunity in your seruice, to bestow certain houres amongst my books, with which exercise (of all earthly recreations I am most delighted), both reason[n] bids me, and duety bindes me, to make you partaker of some of the fruits of my studies." (2) Gifford claims to have used his time efficiently in judiciously selecting texts to share with his employer and, tacitly, his print readership.
This holds for both aesthetic considerations (for example, the caption to the illustration accompanying the discussion of Cars) as well as for the experience of urban freeway driving (for example in his critique of London Orbital) in its permittance of 'modes of thoughtful understanding', and 'space and time for contemplation' (Drive, pp.
The liberalization of the alcohol policy system and the permittance of public drinking should be seen against the backdrop of the liberal breakthrough in the climate of public opinion.