v. t.1.To mix; to mingle.
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Real-time qPCR was performed using SuperReal PerMix Plus (SYBR Green/probe) (TIANGEN) and primers specific for algU (Forward: 5'AACACCGCGAAGAACCACCT-3', Reverse: 5'-ATCTCATCCCGCAACATCGCG-3'), algA (Forward: 5'-AGAACTGAAGAAGCACGACG-3', Reverse: 5'-TTCTCCATCACCGCGTAGT-3'), pelA (Forward: 5'-ATGGCTGAAGGTATGGCTG-3', Reverse: 5'-AGGTGCTGGAGGACTTCATC-3'), and pslM (Forward: 5'-CTATGACGCACGGCAACTGG-3', reverse: 5'-CGCCATTGACCAGGTGCAT-3').
All PCR reactions were performed in duplicate in an Mx3005P real-time thermal cycler (Stratagene, La Jolla, CA, USA) using a SYBR Permix Ex Taq kit (TaKaRa Bio Co.