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His victory delivered a hammer-blow to the Peronist movement that has dominated Argentine politics for much of the past 70 years and which will be ready to pounce on him if his planned reforms to the fragile economy unleash a new crisis.
In the often confusing world of Argentine politics, where the Peronist movement still dominates, commanding a quasi-religious fervour " even as it splinters and reassembles " Macri's camp has every reason to feel victorious after running a close second.
In particular, the Cambiemos coalition surprised most by winning the governorship in the Buenos Aires province adjacent to the capital, a traditional stronghold of the Peronist movement which has held sway there since 1987.
Francis related his involvement with the Peronist movement, and while he never formally joined any political party, he said that the similarities he detected between "aspects of the Peronist doctrine and the Church's social doctrine" helped lay his spiritual foundation.
In BMI's view the combination of elections and ill-health could spell the beginning of the end of Fernandez's premiership, which could see her Peronist movement failing to win a third term in office.
Her Front for Victory faction is expected to lose seats to both Massa's Peronist movement and to the divided right- and left-wing opposition parties.
Healey has written a complex and informative book about the Peronist movement in the city of San Juan, Argentina, and in the eponymous province of which it is the capital.
Daniel James reminds us of the special "intimacy" that the Justicialista or Peronist movement was able to institute with the working class.
What Mandelbaum did not know was that Dixon was a member of The Montonero Peronist Movement or the Montoneros.
We repudiate the disrespectful comments of Senor Stone and declare him persona non grata," Times Online quoted a statement signed by leaders of the fractious Peronist movement, as saying.
An exultant Peron declared that the accomplishment was "a new victory that the peronist movement deposits in the altar of the Nation.
In November of 1974, Juan Peron died and Isabel, backed by the right wing of the Peronist movement, took control of the government.