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Noun1.Peronosporales - order of chiefly parasitic lower fungi: Albuginaceae and Peronosporaceae and Pythiaceae
fungus order - the order of fungi
class Oomycetes, Oomycetes - nonphotosynthetic fungi that resemble algae and that reproduce by forming oospores; sometimes classified as protoctists
family Peronosporaceae, Peronosporaceae - parasitic fungi: downy mildews
Albuginaceae, family Albuginaceae - fungi that produce white sori resembling blisters on certain flowering plants
family Pythiaceae, Pythiaceae - fungi having sporangia usually borne successively and singly at the tips of branching sporangiophores
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It is a fungus-like organism classified under Oomycetes in the kingdom Chromista and order Peronosporales (Nelson, 2001).
Pertenece a la clase Oomycetes, orden Peronosporales, familia Peronosporaceae, que se caracteriza por su facilidad para sobrevivir en plantas silvestres de la familia cucurbitacea (Ruiz et al.
The genus Phytophthora is part of the order Peronosporales: this order contains genera that are notable for having co-evolved with plant hosts mostly as plant pathogens, although some are pathogens of animals (Spies et al.