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 (pə-rō′, pĕ-), Charles 1628-1703.
French writer of fairy tales. His Tales of Mother Goose (c. 1697) includes "Tom Thumb" and "Sleeping Beauty."


(French pɛro)
(Biography) Charles (ʃarl). 1628–1703, French author, noted for his Contes de ma mère l'oye (1697), which contains the fairy tales Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, and The Sleeping Beauty


(pəˈroʊ, pɛ-)

Charles, 1628–1703, French poet, critic, and author of fairy tales.
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Perrault knew dogs, and when he looked at Buck he knew that he was one in a thousand-- "One in ten t'ousand," he commented mentally.
Curly and he were taken below by Perrault and turned over to a black-faced giant called Francois.
The textual materialist investigation of La Barbe-bleue makes both objects, and their representation, collaborators in the suspect exercise of authority from both quarters from which power was emanating in the seventeenth century, suggesting that Perrault, like the young and curious bride, was secretly a very rebellious man indeed.
Add to them the films of Phillip Borsos, Zackarias Kunuk, Ted Kotcheff, Michael Snow, Guy Maddin, Jean Claude Lauzon, Francois Girard and Pierre Perrault, and you have a very rich cinematic heritage.
A great opera should he an emblematic building that is visible in the city," Perrault said.
Nicole Perrault, who graduated from Fort Frances High School in 1999, just completed the two-year Aboriginal Law and Advocacy program with a grade point average of 3.
Moskal is focused on quality course evaluations while Carey, Perrault, and Gregory link outcomes assessment with teaching effectiveness.
Premio Mies van der Rohe 1997, y creador de la nueva Biblioteca de Paris, el arquitecto frances Dominique Perrault estara en Mexico durante este mes para dictar algunas conferencias y para participar en el concurso restringido de la Casa de Francia.
The fashion for the burlesque genre in the mid-seventeenth-century is reflected in early works by the brothers Perrault and carries through into the high classical period.
Reminding the reader of Perrault's central position at the court of Louis XIV, Lewis insists on Perrault the "courtisan" of the early years.
Buck's time came in the form of a little wizened man named Perrault.