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n.1.(Mil.) A short mortar used formerly for throwing stone shot.
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Butteridge's conception of an adequate equipment for a balloon ascent: a hamper which included a game pie, a Roman pie, a cold fowl, tomatoes, lettuce, ham sandwiches, shrimp sandwiches, a large cake, knives and forks and paper plates, self-heating tins of coffee and cocoa, bread, butter, and marmalade, several carefully packed bottles of champagne, bottles of Perrier water, and a big jar of water for washing, a portfolio, maps, and a compass, a rucksack containing a number of conveniences, including curling-tongs and hair-pins,, a cap with ear-flaps, and so forth.
I'm know," said 87-year-old Claude Salle Perrier when explaining to VideoAge her difficulty in recounting some anecdotes of when she began working at MCA in 1953 in Paris.
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While planning her proposal, she stayed at Perrier-Jouet's Maison Belle Epoque, the onetime residence of the Perrier family that's now home to a collection of Art Nouveau furniture and art.
The research by Channel 4's Dispatches programme found that Asda's lowest-priced beer is 72p a pint with Perrier going for 76p a pint and at Sainsbury's, Foster's lager is 72p, while, 15 cans of Strongbow sets you back just 8 pounds, making it 69p a pint, which is 7p less than Perrier, the Daily Star reported.
30 October 2013 -- France-based financial services firm Credit Agricole's New York-based Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank unit said it has appointed Jerome Perrier as head of its financial institutions group for the Americas.
Societe Perrier has handed its experiential, events and online brief to independent agency LightBlue.
Former Perrier Best Newcomer and Perrier Nominee, Milton's accolades also include a Sony Award for his radio show the Very World of Milton Jones.
Wirral businesspeople were invited to an exclusive Laurent Perrier Champagne event at Thornton Hall Hotel last week.
Michael McRea (Cillian Murphy) owes a considerable amount of money to kingpin, Darren Perrier (Brendan Gleeson), who calls in the debt, giving Michael less than a day to come up with the cash or pay with his legs.
Our hero Michael (Cillian Murphy) is in a spot of bother because he owes money to local mobster Perrier (Brendan Gleeson) - who is outstanding in every movie in which he appears.