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 (dī-pĭr′ĭ-də-mōl′, dī′pə-rĭd′ə-mōl′)
A drug, C24H40N8O4, that acts as a coronary vasodilator and is used in the long-term treatment of angina pectoris and as an antiplatelet agent.



n dipiridamol m
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TABLE 1--Oral Anticoagulant/Antiplatelet Agents available in the United States Agent Class Name Available dosage PLATELET Ticlid (ticlopidine) 250mg tablet AGGREGATION INHIBITORS Pletal (cilostazole) 50mg, 100mg tablet Trental (pentoxifylline) 400mg tablet Plavix (dopidogrel) 75mg Effient (prasugrel) 5mg, 10mg Brilinta (ticagrelor) 90mg Persantine (dipyridamole) 25mg, 50mg, 75mg Aspirin 81 mg, 325mg Aggrenox 25mg-200mg (aspirin/dipyridamole) ANTICOAGULANT Coumadin (warfarin, 1 mg, 2mg, 2.
s Dantrium; isradipine, the generic equivalent of Reliant Pharmaceuticals LLP's DynaCire; amantadine, the generic version of Endo Pharmaceuticals' Symmetrel; and dipyridamole, the generic equivalent of Boehringer Ingelheim's Persantine.
Persantine Aspirin Trial in cerebral ischemia, II: end point results.
On October 23, 1993, at approximately 11:30 am, she went to Rhode Island Hospital as an outpatient for a scheduled Persantine Thallium Stress Test to be performed as part of a pre-operative cardiac assessment prior to surgery for spinal stenosis.
Evaluation of each patient included a perfusion thallium rest test followed by stress using a treadmill or administration of adenosine or persantine (dypridamole) and gated acquisition.
While they are less frequent with persantine (47%), they tend to be more serious than those associated with adenosine.
Consider Persantine (dipyridamole), which by the researchers' estimates, doctors prescribed 4,832,889 times for elderly patients in 1994.
It is well known that all currently available antiplatelet drugs viz- Aspirin, PLAVIX(R), Persantine, Aggrastat, and Ticlid are toxic.