Persian wheel

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a noria; a tympanum. See Noria.

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According to the Central Water Commission, the total live storage capacity has come down from 39 per cent in mid-February to 25 per cent as on April 12.Shiva who is the author of 'Making Peace With the Earth' and an advisor to the Women's Environment and Development Organisation, also expressed concern over the depletion of groundwater and claimed that lack of democratic planning has led to water crisis which in turn has resulted in expanding the system of landlordism."Earlier, locals, as well as the farmers, used to fetch water and irrigate fields with the help of the Persian wheel. This traditional machine only allowed people to use 10 feet of water below the ground.
When it gets cold, it is taken out of the well through a Persian wheel with the help of a camel.
PESHAWAR -- Persian wheel that was believed to be invented in Hellenistic Egypt or India was still in use in Egypt and parts of Middle East for irrigational purposes.