Personal Traits

Personal Traits



  1. Adventurous … like a tropical fish. His native habitat was hot water —Anon friend about former C.I.A. director William J. Casey, New York Times, July 19, 1987

    The original quote began with “Bill was,” implying the first word substituted here to provide a more general reference point.

  2. Dignified, like a clean-shaven Zeus: one who used plenty of after-shave —Kingsley Amis
  3. Good temper, like a sunny day, sheds a brightness over everything —Washington Irving
  4. Hears like a rabbit and strikes like an asp —William Diehl
  5. (She would be) intent and bold and willful, like a gambler —Harold Brodkey

    The author used this simile to describe a woman applying makeup.

  6. A man or woman without personality is like a tree without leaves, or a house without pictures on the wall —Anon


  7. Obstinacy and contradiction are like a paper kite; they are only kept up so long as you pull against them —John Casper
  8. Quiet and smiley and polite, like a traveling salesman —George Garrett
  9. She is like a cat, she will play with her own tail —John Ray’s Proverbs
  10. Shines like a lighthouse over a dull sea of social tedium —Rita Mae Brown
  11. Temperament … is permanent, like the color of a man’s eyes and the shape of his ears —Mark Twain
  12. A temper as explosive as a gun —Rex Beach

    This is modernized from the original which read “As explosive as gun cotton.”

  13. A temper like a handsaw —Anon
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Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabie said on Wednesday: "Taking into account Donald Trump's personal traits, we don't trust him; however, Iran has never abandoned diplomacy but we are determined to pursue it as an equal [of the United States]," state TV reported.
The resources are personal traits identified in the positive.
The 12 skills are grouped into four main categories basic skills, competencies, personal traits, and specialised skills with each month dedicated to one specific area.
The 12 skills are grouped into four main categories --basic skills, competencies, personal traits, and specialised skills -- with each month dedicated to one specific area.
Such perspective, which focuses on the personal traits of the charismatic figure rather than on the societal context that creates the need for it, is so uncharacteristic of Weber the sociologist.
Karam praised the electronic application system used in public employees recruitment as it facilitates the evaluation of candidates' technical skills as well as their personal traits accurately.
The school principal as leader of the teaching staff is desired to possess or at least develop good personal traits to influence and coordinate with these coworkers in an excellent manner.
To this effect, 12 skills have been identified in four main categories: basic skills, competencies, personal traits, and specialised skills.
Data brokers can collect data and make predictions about a wide array of your personal traits, such as those listed below.
While some chapters acknowledge that his personal traits and poor decision-making affected his statecraft, many use new sources pose new questions, reframing how historians consider his foreign relations, especially true regarding his governmentAEs diplomacy in Asia, Latin, and the Commonwealth, and in his relationships with prominent cabinet ministers.
This follow-up qualitative study presents the opportunity to reflect on issues raised in the survey study findings, with a focus on the following four themes: important aspects of translation learning and teaching, such as the ability to balance translation theory and practice, maintaining effective translation learning and teaching in the classroom, giving constructive feedback to students, and showing personal traits of effective translation teachers in classroom teaching (see Section 4).

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