Personal Traits

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Personal Traits



  1. Adventurous … like a tropical fish. His native habitat was hot water —Anon friend about former C.I.A. director William J. Casey, New York Times, July 19, 1987

    The original quote began with “Bill was,” implying the first word substituted here to provide a more general reference point.

  2. Dignified, like a clean-shaven Zeus: one who used plenty of after-shave —Kingsley Amis
  3. Good temper, like a sunny day, sheds a brightness over everything —Washington Irving
  4. Hears like a rabbit and strikes like an asp —William Diehl
  5. (She would be) intent and bold and willful, like a gambler —Harold Brodkey

    The author used this simile to describe a woman applying makeup.

  6. A man or woman without personality is like a tree without leaves, or a house without pictures on the wall —Anon


  7. Obstinacy and contradiction are like a paper kite; they are only kept up so long as you pull against them —John Casper
  8. Quiet and smiley and polite, like a traveling salesman —George Garrett
  9. She is like a cat, she will play with her own tail —John Ray’s Proverbs
  10. Shines like a lighthouse over a dull sea of social tedium —Rita Mae Brown
  11. Temperament … is permanent, like the color of a man’s eyes and the shape of his ears —Mark Twain
  12. A temper as explosive as a gun —Rex Beach

    This is modernized from the original which read “As explosive as gun cotton.”

  13. A temper like a handsaw —Anon
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Death is an inescapable reality and every living being has to taste it one day yet death of some people create a vacuum which is difficult to fill because of their personal traits and leadership qualities.
Ongoing research is investigating how IVAs can be trained to recognize personal traits such as a person's age and gender, adding additional clues to the person's identity.
Al Qabsi, who enjoys an immense popularity in Saudi Arabia and in the Gulf for his subtle criticism of negative behaviour and attitudes in the Saudi and Arab societies, said that people's characters and personal traits are clearly protected by the laws and that no one had the right to play the role of the state.
Rickover's unique and sometimes controversial management style is truly the heart of Against the Tide, with the lessons varying widely but firmly rooted in his nonnegotiable personal traits of personal responsibility when in command, attention to detail (particularly in the realm of nuclear safety), and the mastery of one's professional craft.
What personal traits have served you well (or could serve other industry professionals under age 40 well) when it comes to managing communities or employees today?
What are the qualities and personal traits of a health care professional that others see in you that they would like to have or improve?
Someone is a candidate for the post of media spokesperson, but his personal traits say he is very impulsive and needs time to organise his thoughts.
As well as possessing the literacy and numeracy skills that are essential for a job in education - regardless of which subject you teach - there are a number of personal traits that are also vital.
Yanko, a former officer in the Israeli Army, attributes his success to three personal traits.
Sometimes developing these personal traits can be more influential than your degree, she asserted.
These are largely based on the roles played by them based on the business requirement and their ability to meet them, rather than on their personal traits.
They benefit the organization whilst being able to build up their own skills and personal traits such as teamwork and self-confidence.

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