Personal representatives

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(Law) the executors or administrators of a person deceased.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Until Florida courts offer clarity on the issue, attorneys who are advising Florida personal representatives in the practice of paying charitable pledges will struggle with the uncertainty created by Mount Sinai.
Two of the residual beneficiaries, Tom and Kim Hartshorne, were the personal representatives for the estate.
Here are some practical tips that can be used to make an estate plan as well as tips for personal representatives to follow to try to avoid uncomfortable family dinners in the future.
Albans Crescent, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear NE10 9SR who died on 26 August 2015 is hereby required to send particulars in writing of his or her claim or interest to the undersigned not later than 19th April 2016 after which date the personal representatives will distribute the estate among the persons entitled thereto having regard only to the claims and interests of which they have had notice and will not, in respect of the estate so distributed, be liable to any person of whose claim they shall not have had notice.
After this date the personal representatives will convey or distribute the property or any part thereof to which the notice relates, to or among the persons entitled thereto, having regard only to the claims, whether formal or not, of which the personal representatives then had notice and shall not, as respects the property so conveyed or distributed, be liable to any person of whose claim the personal representatives have not had notice at the time of conveyance or distribution.
When a co-owner dies, the surviving owner will normally add the deceased's personal representatives to the title as co-trustee.
However, the court noted that in addition to the two year statute of limitations, there was a one year statute of limitations for personal representatives of decedent's estates to bring suit for any cause of action the decedent had at the time of death.
That action is consistent with the legal opinion of retained Bar Counsel Barry Richard, who was asked what authority the board had in the dispute between the section and division over a state law that prohibits out-of-state lawyers, among others, from being personal representatives in Florida estates.
The IRS summarizes its position on fees received by nonprofessional executors or personal representatives in Publication 559, Survivors, Executors, and Administrators :
(15) Parents (including guardians and persons acting in loco parentis) are considered to be the "personal representatives" of their un-emancipated minor children if they have the right to make health care decisions for them.
The will also gave his personal representatives the discretion to give people they felt had been "helpful to [Marine] during [his] lifetime" up to 1% of the gross probate estate (which totaled $2.6 million) each.
RPPTL has had a long-standing legislative position to oppose any change to the state's personal representative statutes, which prohibit out-of-state residents, except for relatives of the deceased, from being personal representatives.

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